Bites for wine

Hungarian cold selection 2 450 Ft

Cheese selection, jam, roasted seeds 2 650 Ft

Marinated olives, caperberries and dried tomatoes 1 950 Ft


Grilled goat cheese, pear, roasted walnut, green salad, dressing 2 950 Ft

Red tuna tataki, sesame seeds, jus 2 950 Ft

Cold goose liver, belgian chocolate, balsamic vinegar 2 950 Ft


Red cabbage cream soup, dijon mustard parfait 1 290 Ft

Goulash soup 1 490 Ft

Main courses

Risotto wild mushrooms, parmesan, truffle oil 2 950 Ft

Red tuna steak, sweet root puree, marinated radish 5 250 Ft

Hungarian traditional catfish stew, square pasta with cottage cheese, fried bacon 4 950 Ft

Chicken supreme, gnocchi with gorgonzola, roasted walnut, rosemary 2 950 Ft

Duck breast steak, sweet potato puree, sous-vide pear 3 650 Ft

Roasted pork, ginger, roasted beetroot and apple 3 650 Ft

Veal fillet with roasted goose liver, wild mushrooms, cottage cheese dumplings 4 950 Ft

Argentinian sirloin steak, mashed potato with dijon mustard, onion variations 5 950 Ft

Roasted lamb, soft polenta with curded ewe cheese, cabbages 5 450 Ft


Passion fruit cake 1 290 Ft

Hungarian classic bread and poppy seed butter pudding 1 290 Ft

Coffee, chocolate, caramel 1 490 Ft


Bulgur, goat cheese, pumpkin 2.450 Ft

Red tuna tataki, sesame seeds, jus 2.950 Ft

Goulash soup 1.490 Ft

Main courses

Butterfish steak, porcini, gnocchi with roasted onions 4.950 Ft

Bavarian pork knuckle, sauerkraut with bacon, baked potatoes with capia pepper 3.850 Ft

Veal filet with roasted goose liver, wild mushrooms 4.950 Ft

Beef "Burgundy" with aligot (brie cheese and mashed potato) 5.950 Ft


Apple, walnut, cinnamon, mint 1.290 Ft

Cheese samples with jam 2.650 Ft

St. Martin's day special goose offer

Goose ragout soup, goose liver, goose gizzard, gnocchi 1.990 Ft

Roasted goose liver, chestnut, profiterole 2.950 Ft

Confited goose, goose liver, goose gizzard, cassoulet 3.850 Ft

Goose burger, roasted goose liver, cheddar cheese, potato 3.850 Ft

Chocolate cake, raspberry 1.490 Ft

Greek yogurt, porridge, walnut, almond, fresh fruits 1.250 Ft

Croissant, butter, jams, nutella, fresh fruits 1.250 Ft

Scrambled eggs, fresh vegetables or sausage, bread 2.150 Ft

Frankfurter / wiener, dijon mustard, bread 1.850 Ft

Bacon & eggs, fresh vegetables, bread 2.150 Ft

English breakfast /sausage, beans, bacon, mushrooms, fried eggs, cheddar/ 3.150 Ft

Chibatta, serrano ham, dried tomato, mozzarella, ruccola 1.950 Ft

Cold Hungarian selection 2.450 Ft

Freshly squeezed orange / grapefruit 890 Ft

Lemonade 890 Ft

Lemonade (strawberry, elder, cucumber) 1.090 Ft

Etyeki kúria winery "Pláne" sparkling wine 1.100 Ft

Dilmah tea 480 Ft

Espresso /Varga's Café/ 450 Ft

Macchiato, capuccino, long coffee, americano 520 Ft

Hot chocolate 520 Ft

Ice coffee 750 Ft

Takeaway coffee 550 Ft

Suggested wines: White Red Rose Sweet

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