Bites for wine

Duck rillette, aubergine, spicy ewe cheese spread 2.250 Ft

Cheese selection, quince jam, roasted seeds 2.650 Ft

Marinated olives, caperberries and dried tomatoes 1 750 Ft


Grilled goat cheese, pumpkin purée, roasted pumpkin seed, green salad 2 750 Ft

Smoked salmon, smoked quial eggs, root vegetable purée 2 750 Ft

Roasted goose liver, flambéed chestnut with cognac, scone 2 950 Ft


Creamy pumpkin soup, goat cheese, roasted pumpkin seed 1 250 Ft

Goulash soup 1.490 Ft

Main courses

Risotto, wild mushrooms, fresh spinach, parmesan, marinated tomato 2 750 Ft

Salmon steak, green pee purée with mint, roasted potato 4 950 Ft

Chicken breast, roasted zucchini and sweet potato, sour creme with dill 2 950 Ft

Duck breast steak, apple-blue cheese tatin with mascarpone, roasted sweet potato 3 650 Ft

Pork tenderloin, gratin potatoes with sausage, cucumber salad 3 450 Ft

Veal fillet, roasted goose liver, wild mushroom paprikash, gnocchi 5 950 Ft

Lamb chops, risotto with red lentil and cauliflower, roasted potato 5 450 Ft

Argentinian sirloin steak, roasted brocolli with parmesan, grilled potato 5.950 Ft


Hungarian curd cheese cake 1.190 Ft

Passion fruit mousse 1 190 Ft

Chocolate tart, blood orange 1.290 Ft

Cheese selection, quince jam, roasted seeds 2.650 Ft


Grilled scallops, mango chutney 2.750 Ft

Grilled king praws, figs, tabbouleh with coriander 2.450 Ft

Duck sausage, Dijon mustard, pear 2.250 Ft

Antipasti 2.250 Ft


Beetroot soup with rasberry, mascarpone and rosehip 1.150 Ft

Goose consommé, matzo balls, grilled vegetables 1.190 Ft

Main courses

Red tuna steak, grilled bok-choy, blue cheesa and spinach quiche 4.850 Ft

Duckburger with duck liver, cheddar and bacon 3.450 Ft

Confit goose leg, cabbage with champagne, potatoes with onion 3.950 Ft

Barley risotto, roasted foie gras 3.650 Ft

Confit pork, bread dumplings, sauce 3.150 Ft

Argentinian sirloin steak, roasted broccoli with parmesan, potato 4.850 Ft

Fried veal chops, parsley potato, cucumber salad 4.350 Ft


Flodni 1.190 Ft

New York cheese cake 1.190 Ft

Chocolate cake 1.190 Ft

Suggested wines: White Red Rose Sweet

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