Bites for wine

Cold Hungarian selection 2 150 Ft

Marinated olives, caperberries and dried tomatoes 1 990 Ft


Celery cream soup, green apple, smoked salmon, tapioca 1 490 Ft

Goulash soup 1 990 Ft


Grilled goat cheese, green salad, seasonal fruits, roasted pine nut 2 950 Ft

Cold Hungarian selection 2 150 Ft

Roasted goose liver, balsamic fig, home made scone 2 950 Ft

Main courses

Garganelli pasta, caramelized pumpkin, gorgonzola, bok-choy 2 950 Ft

Salmon steak, potato with parsley, remoulade 4 950 Ft

Roasted chicken, buttered mashed potato, cucumber salad 2 650 Ft

Duck breast steak, risotto with cauliflower, parmesan, jus 3 650 Ft

Duck burger, roasted goose liver, cheddar, roasted potato 3 850 Ft

Pork tenderloin, soft polenta with parmesan, spinach with garlic 3 850 Ft

Hungarian beef stew, roasted ewe cheese dumplings, home made pickles 3 850 Ft

Rib-eye steak Budapest (roasted goose liver, ratatouille, green pea) 5 950 Ft


Cottage cheese cake, orange, Tokaj wine 1 490 Ft

Chocolate variations (brulée, tart, truffle) 1 490 Ft

Cheese samples with jam 2 650 Ft

Business lunch menu

05 - 09 October 2020

From Monday to Friday (11:15 am - 5:00 pm)

2 course menu: 1.950,- HUF

3 course menu: 2.350,- HUF

Appetizers / Soups

Tomato soup

Chicken liver with plum and bacon, green salad

Main courses

Hungarian cabbage /caramelized/ with noodles

Chicken meatballs with green peas

Confited beef, sour cherry sauce, potato


„Somlói” sponge cake

Chestnut mousse

Greek yogurt, porridge, walnut, almond, fresh fruits 1.250 Ft

Croissant, butter, jams, nutella, fresh fruits 1.250 Ft

Scrambled eggs, fresh vegetables or sausage, bread 2.150 Ft

Frankfurter / wiener, dijon mustard, bread 1.850 Ft

Bacon & eggs, fresh vegetables, bread 2.150 Ft

English breakfast /sausage, beans, bacon, mushrooms, fried eggs, cheddar/ 3.150 Ft

Chibatta, serrano ham, dried tomato, mozzarella, ruccola 1.950 Ft

Cold Hungarian selection 2.450 Ft

Freshly squeezed orange / grapefruit 890Ft

Lemonade 890Ft

Lemonade (strawberry, elder, cucumber) 1.090 Ft

Etyeki kúria winery "Pláne" sparkling wine 1.100 Ft

Dilmah tea 480Ft

Espresso /Varga's Café/ 450Ft

Macchiato, capuccino, long coffee, americano 520Ft

Hot chocolate 520Ft

Ice coffee 750Ft

Takeaway coffee 550Ft

Suggested wines: White Red Rose Sweet

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